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Challenging Dementia Behavior Can Be Caused by the Thyroid

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a common cause of hypothyroidism, can cause a person with dementia to feel anxiety ridden. This in turn can cause mean, unruly, or challenging behaviors.
I receive emails every week from Alzheimer’s caregivers telling me about challenging behavior problems of their loved one living with Alzheimer’s.

I always make two very specific recommendations.



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Challenging Behavior Dementia

Challenging Behavior in Persons with Dementia

This is an important article. Please share with families touched by Alzheimer’s disease.

The ONLY Way to Deal with Challenging Behavior in Persons with Dementia IS “To PREVENT IT in the First Place”…..
This issue: challenging and violent behavior of Alzheimer’s patients is important to all Alzheimer’s caregivers. This thread was initiated by the this article — Nobody Wants Our Dad
I have been working with this very vulnerable population, those with dementia and challenging/aggressive behavior, for the last 12 years.
After developing a model of specialized dementia care that has been successful in preventing the aggessive behavior in those that have had repeated discharges from other facilities and hospitalizations for behavior I have learned a few critical things I would like to share.
I’ll start by saying I believe “NO One”, the resident with the behavior, other residents, or staff should have to be subjected to violent behavior. We have learned that 90% of behavior can be contolled and/or eliminated by “pro-actively” Recognizing and Meeting the underlying need of the person displaying the behavior whether it be physical OR emotional.



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Alzheimer’s Disease — Communication Skills and Coping with Behavior (1)

In the early days of Alzheimer’s caring the caregiver deals with a disease that is difficult, sometimes impossible, to understand.
Alzheimer’s disease turns the world of the Alzheimer’s caregiver upside down.
This person, your loved one, begins to act out behaviors that you have never seen or experienced.
You are forced to try and deal with these behaviors. It is not easy.
Original content Bob DeMarco, the Alzheimer’s Reading Room

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Dotty’s Erratic Behavior Resurfaces and SO Does My Stomach Ache

I still have the minor version of the stomach ache today — right now as I am typing this. I had forgotten what it is like to have a stomach ache all day long, every day. I had assumed that I had just gotten use to the way things are/were.

There have been some very subtle changes in Dotty’s behavior over the last several weeks. At first, I didn’t think much about it.

However, during the past week I started getting that sick feeling in my stomach that I had for years. It is coming back after a long period of dormancy.

Original content Bob DeMarco, the Alzheimer’s Reading Room

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