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Rehabiltation Therapy Causes Increase in Gray Matter

Might benefit those predisposed to Alzheimer’s via genetics.

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Edward Taub, Ph.D., a UAB neuroscientist and developer of
Constraint-Induced (CI) therapy, and Lynne Gauthier, a graduate student
at UAB, discuss findings showing that CI therapy produces an increase in
the gray matter of the brain of stroke patients who undergo the therapy.
This is the first representation that a rehabilitation therapy can
produce structural changes within the human brain after injury. It is
also further proof of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to remodel
itself following traumatic injury.

A rehabilitation therapy developed by a UAB neuroscientist produces changes in the structure of the brain, the first evidence of actual brain remodeling resulting from a rehabilitation therapy. In findings presented online in Stroke, sophisticated analysis of MRI images of stroke patients showed that Constraint Induced (CI) therapy produced a significant increase in the amount of gray matter present in the brains of patients receiving the therapy.

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