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The Alzheimer’s Hamster Within YOU

One of the most difficult tasks an Alzheimer’s caregiver faces is the development of a new set of communications skills. Sooner or later the caregiver needs to come to an understanding that the way they have communicated in the past, before Alzheimer’s, won’t work in a world filled with Alzheimer’s disease.



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The Genetics of Alzheimer’s Video

Ultimately, the full list of Alzheimer’s genes emerging from the family-based genetic studies of the Alzheimer’s Genome Project and the population based studies of the International Genomics of Alzheimer’s Project are getting us closer and closer to someday being able to eradicate Alzheimer’s disease using a strategy of early prediction and early intervention.
— Dr. Rudolph Tanzi

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The Myth about Smoking and Alzheimer’s

What do you believe?

People say and believe that if you smoke the odds of getting Alzheimer’s are reduced. Fact or Fiction?
Original content Bob DeMarco, the Alzheimer’s Reading Room

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