How Do You Get an Alzheimer’s Patient To Take Their Medication – Alzheimer’s Reading Room

28 Nov

The problem, how to get a person suffering from Alzheimer’s to take their medication?

Getting a person living with dementia to take their medication is often difficult, and is a common problem that is faced by Alzheimer’s caregivers.

Like many, I faced this problem with my mother, Dotty, who lived with Alzheimer’s disease.

Over time, through trial and error, I finally learned an effective way to deal with this problem.

Let’s start by examining the dimensions of the problem.

Have you ever tried to explain to someone living with Alzheimer’s disease why they should take their medication?

Do you end up going into some kind of long explanation about why they should take the pills? As you do this, are you trying to reason with them?

After trying to reason with them do you finally become exasperated? Maybe a bitirritable? Sometimes at “wits end”?

Do you find that the more you try to reason with a person living with Alzheimer’s disease the more resistant they become too what you are trying to accomplish?

Did you ever wonder why they become more resistant?


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